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Looking for professional contract work?

With our contract work, you can rely on us whenever you need us, as often as you like. Whether you require our services daily, weekly or monthly, at A J Travel, we can work out a plan to fit your needs in and around Mansfield. Tell us your requirements today!


With a fleet of comfortable, expertly maintained and stylish vehicles, you can travel in style and comfort when you choose us. You can also benefit from getting better prices through a contract minibus hire, than if you were to book multiple one-off trips.

Why we’re your ideal choice for minibus hire?

  • 15 years of experience

  • Wide range of services

  • Qualified and friendly staff

  • Modern minibuses

  • Competitive prices


Apart from providing minibuses on contractual basis, we can also help you with one-off trips like airport transfers and wedding transport. Let us know your requirements in Mansfield, by calling us on 07812 033 059.

Cost-effective contract minibus hire

At A J Travel, we also provide minibuses for your regular use.

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